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» Presented by Downunder Horsemanship

Monthly ContestThis month's prizes are a Trail Kit, valued at $599, and a Ranch Rally Ticket, valued at $550.
There will be two winners! One will win the Trail Kit and one will win the Ranch Rally Ticket!

Downunder Horsemanship Trail Kit

This all-new supplement to the Fundamentals Series will teach you EVERYTHING you have ever wanted to know about trail riding.

Foundation First
You’ve gone through the Fundamentals Series and now you’re ready to take your passion outside the arena. Clinton’s made the transition from riding within the confines of a controlled environment to negotiating the most challenging trail situations with your horse a step-by-step process that will increase your horsemanship skills and strengthen the partnership you share with your horse. There are no shortcuts to training a reliable trail horse, but Clinton makes the journey simple and fun. The first part of the series focuses on selecting a suitable trail partner and establishing a foundation of respect and control outside the arena.

You'll Learn 
• A surefire plan to select a horse that fits your needs
• What you and your horse should know before hitting the trail
• Foundation trail exercises to give you control of your horse and increase his confidence Supreme Partnership Once you have the same control, respect and willingness from your horse on the trail as you do in the arena, Clinton will show you how to train your horse to be a reliable, safe partner, no matter what the trail offers. You'll Learn
• How to introduce and teach your horse to negotiate any obstacle on the most challenging of trails, including water crossings, hills and bridges
• Troubleshoot common problems that crop up on the trail, such as barn-sour, rearing and bolting
• Introduce your horse to group riding and fixes for such problems as buddy-sour and jigging

You'll Get
10 Information-Packed DVDs Working with a horse that has never been on the trail, Clinton shows you the exact steps he takes to prepare a horse for trail riding and the exercises he implements to train a safe, willing trail partner. 2 Hardback Books All of the lessons on the DVDs, plus additional trail-riding topics, are covered in step-by-step detail in two beautifully illustrated books. .
Downunder Horsemanship Ranch Rally Ticket

This unique two-day event is designed to cater to Clinton's most loyal and most dedicated horsemen. Just like Clinton, we know that you crave learning as much as you can about horses and the Method, and Clinton is dying to share his more advanced training techniques with you. There's only so much information he can safely share with the public at tours or on his television show, but in front of his most loyal fans - there's nothing holding him back!

Join Clinton and his team Saturday evening for a full-on party that will include live music and a bonfire. The Ranch Rally is all about celebrating our passion for horses and hanging out with horsemen who believe in the same training method.
Visit Downunder Horsemanship to check out the complete line of products.
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