WHYACW - 13 to 18 Age Division

13 to 18 Age Division

WH15 13to18 champ Tao 7503 

Champion, 13 to 18:  Companion, mixed media, by Della S. Tao, Scottsdale, Arizona
“[I] lived in Texas for 11 years before moving to Arizona 3 years ago. My first art teacher in Texas loved to draw horses…. From her, I discovered my fascination with the strength and elegance of the horse and the cowboy. This was what I wanted to portray in this piece. I chose watercolor because I love its transparency, and acrylic and gel to capture the vivid color and motion of a Southwestern sunset.”

WH15 13to18 res Stephens 7508

Reserve, 13 to 18: Friendship Forged in Iron, oil, by Reagan Stephens, Weatherford, Oklahoma
“The old saying, ‘no hoof no horse,’ is very true. I wanted to honor my farrier [with this painting] who has done so much for my horses. He also lets me ask lots of questions and learn more about it. I asked my mom to go out and take pictures of him ‘hot shoeing’ horses.”

WH15 13to18 HonMen Ohl 7444

Honorable Mention, 13 to 18: Bronco Buster, acrylic, by Logan Ohl, Alamo, Nevada
“I used acrylic paint because I like the way it dries quickly. I picked this subject because I thought that it would be a fun project. I had never painted a horse before….”

WH15 13to18 top10 Warrington 7387

Top Ten, 13 to 18: Shakin Out a Loop, pen and ink with watercolor, by J. Travis Warrington, Mena, Arkansas
“…I prefer pen and ink and to add color I decided to use watercolor. I was inspired by Charles M. Russell to do a scene of a buckaroo riding out to check cattle and practicing with his reata on the long ride out.”

WH15 13to18 top10 Donahue 7384

Top Ten, 13 to 18: The Joy of Helping, pencil, by Allegra Donahue, Seymour, Tennessee
“I love helping people because it doesn’t matter how little you are or what you can or can’t do or where you are, even the smallest things like getting someone a drink of water, can be a lot of help.”

WH15 13to18 top10 Mezitt 7394

Top Ten, 13 to 18: Untitled, graphite and white gel pen, by Madeline Mezitt, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
“”My favorite things to draw are horses, but I wanted to add the fence with the little boy. I love how the little boy and horse are connecting to each other. I like to use graphite with horses because the muscles on the horse are easier to see. The beauty of a drawing stands out with just black and white.”

WH15 13to18 top10 Topp 7389

Top Ten, 13 to 18: Foal at Rest, colored pencil/pastels, by Kyle Topp, Sidney, Montana
“I have always enjoyed drawing horses and decided to try foals for something different. I used Prismacolor colored pencils and pastels because I really like the feel of the pencils. And the pastels added a smooth touch to certain areas.”

WH15 13to18 top10 Colling 7391

Top Ten, 13 to 18: Burned Out, watercolor, by Tyler M. Colling, Basin, Wyoming
“I chose this medium because watercolor is fun to use. And it is a nice way to display the variations in color and shadow of a piece. … I like working on trucks and ranching. Being outside driving an old pickup to go feed or put out minerals is …our way of life.”

WH15 13to18 top10 Russell 7398

Top Ten, 13 to 18: The Long Journey, pencil/graphite, by Aubrey D. Russell, Hartshorne, Oklahoma
“I’ve been drawing ever since I was a little girl and I’ve always loved to draw horses.”

WH15 13to18 top10 Evett 7392

Top Ten, 13 to 18: Checkin’ the Herd, acrylic, by Madison Evett, Adger, Alabama
“Acrylic is my favorite medium because it can be easily controlled and corrected. I chose this subject because I really like the perspective of the fence line and road as well as the mostly cool coloring. I also found the hills and trees appealing.”


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WHYACW - 9 to 12 Age Division

9 to 12 Age Division

WH15 9to12 champ Farris 7496

Champion, 9 to 12: Coat of Many Colors, oil, by Faith Farris, Midway, Texas
“I chose oil paints because oils truly speak to me. …[T]here are many types of horses in the West. Any breed can go Western. This painting shows the many colors of the Western horse.”

WH15 9to12 res Williams 7500

Reserve, 9 to 12: Poco Star, pencil, by Garrett Sod Williams, Arbon Valley, Idaho
“My great-grandma was going to have a professional artist draw a picture of Poco Star who was one of my great-grandfather’s, Donald T. “Sod” Williams’ AQHA show studs. For her 90th birthday…I surprised her by drawing it myself. She was really happy and says it looks just like him. “Poco” is a special horse to our family because seven of my family’s horses (including mine) descend from him. ... I have lived in the same home that my great grandparents lived in and my horse has run in the same pastures that Poco ran in.”

WH15 9to12 HonMen Packer 7442

Honorable Mention, 9 to 12: Great American Paint, pencil, by Gracie Packer, Moreland, Idaho
“I chose this medium and subject because I like to draw and am better at drawing than painting. I also love horses, especially paints.”

WH15 9to12 top10 Pool 7404

Top Ten, 9 to 12: Little Red, acrylic, by Tristen Pool, Clovis, New Mexico
“[I am] currently learning this medium and chose this subject of the baby calf because I live on a ranch.”

WH15 9to12 top10 Swedeen 7406

Top Ten, 9 to 12: Backcountry Beauty, pencil, by Aaron Swedeen, Stanchfield, Minnesota
“I chose pencil because that is the tool I am most used to using…. I chose the moving horse because it was difficult and I wanted to challenge myself.”

WH15 9to12 top10 Smith 7408

Top Ten, 9 to 12: Cowboy Roping Calf, paint, by Kate Smith, Fort Payne, Alabama
“The subject I chose was a cowboy roping a calf.”

WH15 9to12 top10 Powell 7410

Top Ten, 9 to 12: Running Free, colored pencil, by McKenzie Powell, Perrin, Texas
“I love horses and colored pencils.”

WH15 9to12 top10 Ryan 7412

Top Ten, 9 to 12: Go No Further, pencil, by Emma Ryan, Springfield, New Hampshire
“I was fascinated with horses ever since I was little, so I started drawing them. I chose pencil because it was easy to find and workable.”

WH15 9to12 top10 Osborn 7414

Top Ten, 9 to 12: The One that Got Away, by Stormi Osborn, Farmersville, Texas
“We have horses and cows. I tried cow sorting and it was really hard. I love the ranch life.”

WH15 9to12 top10 Meyers 7416

Top Ten, 9 to 12: Back on the Trail, colored pencils and pen, by Ella Meyers, Bainbridge Island, Washington
“I chose colored pencils as my medium because I find them easy to work with. I chose this subject because it reminded me of my grandparents’ ranch.”

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WHYACW - 8 & Under

8 & Under Age Division

WH15 8under champ Vaughan 7489

Champion, 8 & Under: Bring It Home, oil, by Gracie Vaughan, Scottsdale, Arizona
“I chose [to paint] barrel racing because this is what I want to do.”

WH15 8under res Broadbent 7495

Reserve, 8 & Under: Running Horse, colored pencil, by Laney Broadbent, Enola, Pennsylvania
“I like horses and I enjoy coloring with pencils.”

WH15 8under HonMen Sosa 7440

Honorable Mention, 8 & Under: Majesty, crayon, by Katie Sosa, Boca Raton, Florida
“My favorite horse is Jewels, a race horse that was saved by my trainer. Now he can enjoy every day in the sun. He is so big, he looks like he can touch the sky. This is a picture of him”

WH15 8under top10 Gregory 7423

Top Ten, 8 & Under: Millie, crayon, by Elizabeth Gregory, 7, Milford Center, Ohio
“My mom won’t let me use markers.”

WH15 8under top10 McNees 7424

Top Ten, 8 & Under: Branding Fun, pencil and crayon, by Alaina McNees, Hanna, Wyoming
“I chose to draw this picture of my dad and a friend branding a calf.”

WH15 8under top10 Bosch 7428

Top Ten, 8 & Under: Horse Riding, pencil and marker, by Kayma Bosch, Cochrane, Alberta
“[I painted this] because we have three horses and I like to ride. I take art class at school and love to sketch and paint.”

WH15 8under top10 Hollitz 7430

Top Ten, 8 & Under: Momma and Baby, colored pencils, by Chloe Hollitz, Auburn, California
“[I painted this] because I love riding my grandma’s horses.”

WH15 8under top10 Kelso 7432

Top Ten, 8 & Under: Sparky the Magnificent, pencil and crayon, by Zoe Kelso, Washington, Indiana
“I like horses and cowgirls and I did live in Austin, Texas. I like to color and draw.”

WH15 8under top10 Crawford 7435

Top Ten, 8 & Under: On a Horse in the West, markers, by Logan Crawford, Rochelle, Illinois
“I used markers because they were right next to me and they were the right colors. I drew a black horse because I had a horse named Sally that was black and she died. So I drew a picture of her out West.”

WH15 8under top10 Collins 7438

Top Ten, 8 & Under: Jack and Blaze, colored pencils, by Annie Collins, Iron River, Michigan
“I drew a horse and cowboy because I like dressing up in cowgirl clothes and I love horses. I chose colored pencils because all the bright colors look so pretty.”

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