Carbon Copies

ImageAs the first performance clones become adults, the equine industry will soon see if the genetic twins can truly live up to their originals. And while the cloning procedure has raised some eyebrows among industry veterans, owners are lining up for the chance to preserve their horses’ genetic influence.

The black foal nursing at the Paint mare’s side doesn’t look like a four-legged outlaw, the equine equivalent of Billy the Kid. He doesn’t look like he has the potential to transform into an explosion of horseflesh that can slam the most experienced rodeo cowboy into the dirt.

But his genes say he does.

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Chronicle of Cowboy Life

Active ImageThirteen years ago, Western artist and photographer Lisa Norman journeyed to a remote section of Haythorn Land & Cattle Co. in the Sandhills of Nebraska. Inspired by her outdoor “studio” and the pioneer spirit she encountered, she has documented the ranch’s rich heritage in a new pictorial essay.

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In Search of the Last Cowboy

Seventeen years ago, photographer Adam Jahiel embarked on a mission to document buckaroo life. Thousands of images later, he says he's still discovering the secrets of one of America's most unique cultures.







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Measuring the Bronc Rein

In saddle bronc riding, a single, braided rope bronc rein is attached to the horse's halter and the rider uses it for balance and leverage. If the rein is too long (loose) or too short (tight), it usually makes a considerable difference in a cowboy's ride.


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Create a Positive Presence


From the moment you enter the corral or pasture, you’re sending your horse messages. Set the tone for a successful training session with clinician Tammy Pate’s advice on catching your horse.





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Cowboy Grill

Tom Perini, proprietor of Perini Ranch Steakhouse in Buffalo Gap, Texas, considers himself a chuckwagon cook, not a chef. He learned his trade while preparing meals on the wagon for ranch cowboys-a tradition he strives to preserve through his educational chuck-wagon cooking seminars, Texas Cowboy Cooking cookbook and the preparation methods at his restaurants. Although Perini has several signature dishes, some featured in his cookbook Texas Cowboy Cooking, he's known for cooking one of the best steaks in Texas.

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Saddle Care

When it comes to collecting antique saddles, veteran saddlemaker Chuck Stormes has some simple advice, "Don't do anything to it that you can't undo."


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Returning to the Ranch

ImageNatural horsemanship methods helped renew Jimbo Humphreys' infatuation with the Western lifestyle, while ranch-horse versatility competitions taught him how to develop a meaningful relationship with his horses.







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