Sid Vail and Three Bars

Three-Bars-webSid Vail and Three Bars (TB) 1961

 By ED ELLINGER written December, 1963

THE NARRATIVE of Sid Vail and his famous horse, Three Bars, reads like a story book. It's a "rags to riches" saga whose last chapter has yet to be written. Records reveal that Three Bars sired his first foal in 1945. They named him First Bar and he was the first of a long line of winners that are going strong. 

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In Her Own Words

Singer-songwriter Adrian “Buckaroogirl” Brannan shares the inspiration behind her authentic lyrics.

Fitting Western Boots

Rocky Boots

So you are a cowboy or cowgirl who's ready for a new pair of boots, but you have questions about how they are supposed to fit, especially compared to a lace up boot or a pair of sneakers. Well, here's...

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