Corn Fed

ImageA staple on most family farms and ranches, corn adds substance to most any dish or meal.
As a young girl growing up on a farm in Oklahoma, I ate cornbread made by my mother several times a week. I thought Mother’s cornbread was the best in the world, served warm with fresh-churned butter. I remember Dad crumbling cold cornbread into a bowl of milk and eating it as a snack.
When I married my husband, Mack, and moved to a ranch in Arizona, I planted a large garden that included corn. I spaced the sowing about every 10 days, so we usually had corn on the cob for a month or more. I also canned all the corn I could for winter.

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Ground-Beef Eaters

ImageRanchers have survived on red meat for centuries. Make a hearty beef dish for dinner tonight with these recipes.

I’d bet the ranch that Americans eat more hamburger than any other country in the world. During the 50 years Mack and I lived on a ranch, we butchered our own beef and pork, and processed the meat for the freezer. When making hamburger, we used an old hand-powered grinder that made the job slow and hard.

One wonderful day, I purchased a commercial-size electric meat grinder from a restaurant supply firm in California. The equipment enabled me to freeze dozens of packages of hamburger, along with our steaks and roasts.

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Marketing the King Ranch Brand

ImageLong known for its world-class stock horses and beef cattle, this historic American ranch has extended its iconic brand far beyond the fence line of the Lone Star State's largest outfit.

IN A CHICAGO HIGH-RISE, A DELIVERYMAN PUSHES A BRAND-NEW CHESTERFIELD LOVESEAT into place in front of a spacious, floor-to-ceiling window overlooking Lake Michigan. On a windswept Florida fairway, a groundskeeper meticulously inspects a load of turf grass about to be installed on a putting green designed by one of golf's greatest names. In the stop-and-go chaos of noonday Dallas traffic, a pickup accelerates around a slow-moving semi. In the Vermont woods, a wing shot shoulders a shotgun, blasting a sporting clay to smithereens.

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The Christmas Card Compromise

ImageI’ve all but given up sending Christmas cards. I order them, and even go as far as hand-addressing each envelope. My major hold up is filling out the inside. As a writer, I obsess on coming up with a personalized sentiment to include in each card. I should just sign the cards and complete the task, but I can’t help but feel as though that cheats my friends and family out of what they really want when they open the envelope. I could create a form letter, but who wants to receive another impersonal, sappy stream of self-absorbed drivel? Furthermore, I just don’t have that much to write!


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