Ask Our Expert - Blue Allen

Blue Allen

Reined cow horse trainer Blue Allen is based out of Alamosa, Colorado, where he lives with his wife, Jeannie, and son, Caden. After graduating from Colorado State University with a...

Ask Our Expert - Bozo Rogers

Bozo Rogers

Bozo Rogers trains versatility horses and reined cow horses at Wes and Sarah Williams’ Dove Creek Ranch in Rhome, Texas.

Ask Our Expert - Casey Deary

Ask Our Expert - Casey Deary

Casey Deary grew up in Texas riding horses, taking low-cost colts, training them and reselling them, allowing him to grow his training business. He has worked with many notable trainers, including Steve Archer, Clint Haverty, Shawn Flarida and Craig Schmersal, among others.

Ask Our Expert - Mike Major

Ask Our Expert - Mike Major

In 2006, Mike Major rode Smart Whiskey Doc to a working cow horse championship at the American Quarter Horse Association Select World Championship Show...

Ask Our Expert - Ruben Vandorp

Ruben Vandorp

By the time Ruben Vandorp moved from the Netherlands to the United States in 2002, he already had nine European reining championships to his name. Since then, the Aubrey, Texas, trainer has continued his success, and attributes much of it to his stallion, Einsteins Revolution, the first horse to earn $300,000 in National Reining Horse Association competition.

Ask Our Expert - Russell Dilday

Russell Dilday

Russell Dilday was raised in the San Joaquin Valley of California and worked on ranches throughout Arizona, California, Nevada and Australia. Before transitioning to training full time, he cowboyed and trained colts under legendary cow horse trainer Greg Ward.

Ask Our Expert - Sandy Collier

Sandy Collier

Trainer and clinician Sandy Collier is a multiple National Reined Cow Horse Association and American Quarter Horse Association world champion, and is an NRCHA and AQHA judge.

Avoid Ruts

Avoid Ruts

Cow horse trainer Robert Forst of the Stuart Ranch offers four tips for keeping training on track.

Behind the Scenes at Downunder Horsemanship

Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship

The gates of clinician Clinton Anderson’s ranch in Stephenville, Texas—adorned with the kangaroo that signifies the Australian native’s business, Downunder Horsemanship—are not usually open to the public. In the past, only clinic participants and other invited guests have gained entrance. But September 5–7, Anderson offered a clinic and invited spectators to join in. As the 22 riders in the clinic learned how to improve their ground work and riding skills, 247 spectators set up their lawn chairs and surrounded the arena so they could also pick up tips to improve their horsemanship.

Help or Hindrance

Dena Kirkpatrick

Barrel horse trainer Dena Kirkpatrick says staying as centered as possible on a horse, whether loping circles or running a pattern, helps that horse perform to its optimum level.

Lessons in Liberty

Mary Kitzmiller demonstrates the benefits of training without a saddle or bridle.

Reform a Rearing Horse

Reform a Rearing Horse

Canadian horseman Jonathan Field explains what causes a horse to rear, and shares how to safely correct the negative reaction.

Soak Time

Soak TIme

by Christine Hamilton

Just after dawn last Tuesday, at a horse farm near Newell, South Dakota, I stood looking at a big bay Thoroughbred gelding standing tied to a tree next to a wood barn. He stood still while his eyelids drifted half-closed, although he didn’t cock a hind leg.

Steps to a Sidepass

Champion ranch horse trainer Mike Major demonstrates the steps to a sidepass.

Stop & Turn

Dick Pieper shares his drill for getting your horse to bury his rear at the word whoa.

The Mind of a Trainer

The Mind of a Trainer

by Christine Hamilton

Jay Holmes talks about his most essential piece of equipment.

Think Inside the Box

Thinking Inside the Box

Champion roper Jackie Hobbs explains her strategy for breaking out of the box and recording faster roping runs.