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The Best Gift by Ron Bonge. Learn more about the drawing and the artist on page 116.

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LIFE AT LIBERTY (page 72 )

With a bold, fresh outlook on both traditional horsemanship and creative competition, Dan James embarked on a unique journey that led him from the Gold Coast of Australia to the rolling hills of Kentucky.

Days in the Sun (page 82) 

Each winter, thousands of team ropers flock to Arizona to compete in a growing number of jackpot ropings.

Son of the Saddle (page 88)

From making bridle horses to working cattle, Jay Harney was one of the most influential traditional California horsemen. Now, his only son, Deeth, continues his father’s legacy.

Cowboy Christmas (page 98)

From cowboys playing Santa to ranchers hitching up the team to find the perfect tree, few Christmas stories capture the meaning of the season better than those that revolve around horses, livestock and the Western life.



18 The Family Ranch The Menn family builds on 150 years of tradition at Devil’s Hole Ranch in Wisconsin.
26 Essential Gear Joe Wolter never saddles up without taking his extra-soft nylon rope.
38 Rodeo Bullfighters Dusty Tuckness and Cody Webster find their rewards in the arena.
44 Insights Tandy Freeman, MD, helps many cowboys stay in the game through the Justin Sportsmedicine Team.
58 Cowboy Tastes Cranberry Coconut Cookies are always a holiday hit. 


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Ross Hecox, Editor in Chief
“With enough money, anyone can go out and buy a ranch. But a ranch is more than that. It’s the people, the land, the community, and those relationships. You can’t buy that. — Jeff Menn, MD, “Deep in the Driftless""

Susan Morrison, Managing Editor
“My generation won’t ever see the amount of work and quality of work of my dad’s generation. It was the end of an era. … I don’t think you can go forward, however, without looking back and seeing where you came from.” — Deeth Harney, “Son of the Saddle"

Jennifer Denison, Senior Editor
"He has a real good handle on the old ways of handling horses adn cattle, but he's also intelligent enough to know [ranching] is changing, and just because it was done a particular way doesn't mean it has to be done that way now. He's as good of a bridge between [the generations] as we have now." — Saddlemaker Jim Hosse commenting on cowboy Deeth Harney, “Son of the Saddle"

Katie Frank, Associate Editor
“Don’t just pick a fight with a horse and make them do something your way. At some point, you have to let them teach you to do it their way.” — Stacey Tarr, DVM, “Get a Grip”

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