Western Horseman for Tablets


Frequently Asked Questions for the Western Horseman App

***Blue Toad had reports of downloading problems with earlier versions - feedback on 3.1 has been that the downloading issues have been resolved.***

The Western Horseman App allows you to access the exact same content as the print version of the magazine, optimized for tablets and smartphones. You can enjoy the same monthly delivery as print subscribers in this new electronic medium.


What does the app do?

Western Horseman allows you to subscribe to the exact same content as the print version, optimized for Apple and Android devices. In this way you can enjoy the same periodical delivery as print subscribers in this new electronic medium. It is best viewed on an tablets.

How do I purchase an iPad subscription?

You can purchase a subscription on WesternHorseman.com, from the iTunes Store for Apple devices or Google Play for Android devices.

  • Purchase on WesternHorseman.com It is less expensive to purchase a one-year subscription to Western Horseman directly from the website ($23.99 for a one-year subscription). You will also have access to quality customer support with a subscription purchased through the website. There are currently no single-copy sales available through the website.
  • Purchase from iTunes You can purchase a one-year subscription from the iTunes store for Apple devices. You have the convenience of using your iTunes account to make your purchase. Single copies are available for purchase through iTunes.
  • Purchase from Google Play You can also purchase a one-year subscription from the iTunes store. You have the convenience of using your iTunes account to make your purchase. Single copies are available for purchase through Google Play.

Downloading the Western Horseman App

The app that is used to retrieve your issues of Western Horseman is a FREE download in the iTunes and Google Play store. Search for “Western Horseman” in either store to download the app. You will need to purchase the subscription or single copy in order to access the issues; however a free sample copy is available to preview. You will need to download the app regardless of where you purchase the subscription in order to access the issues.

How do I update my app version?

Staying up to date on the latest version of our app ensures optimal performance. In the past, some customers have experienced download problems that were resolved simply by updating the app. To determine if you need an update:
1. Open the "App Store" icon on your iPad.
2. Open "Updates" in the bottom right corner of the home screen.
3. Find "Western Horseman" in the list of apps, tap “Update” and enter your Apple ID.

Can I buy single issues?

Yes, but only in the iTunes and Google Play stores and only for those issues that have been entered into the digital archive. Currently, the Western Horseman digital archive goes back to 2011. Each time a new issue is printed, it goes into the archive with a single-copy and subscription option. Before making your purchase, you can access the Table of Contents of any single issue by hitting “Preview” on the issue.

Should I register when purchasing through iTunes or Google Play?

Yes, we recommend that you register for several reasons. First, if you register and set a login and password, you can view your issues on different mobile devices, as well as on your desktop computer. Otherwise, your issues will only be viewable on the device through which you made the initial purchase. This login process is mandatory when purchasing through WesternHorseman.com and will automatically enable universal access. Secondly, registration of an iTunes/Google Play purchase identifies you to the publisher so that we may send renewal notices and other special offers via email, and it establishes a more traditional publisher/reader relationship.

How do I know when a new issue arrives?

When you subscribe, be sure to opt in to “receive push notifications” that will alert you to new issues. If you subscribe through WesternHorseman.com, you will also receive notification via email.

What are the log-in credentials?

When you subscribe through WesternHorseman.com, you will be asked to enter your email address and set a password. SAVE THAT DATA as this will be your log-in credentials that unlock access to the issues.

Creating Log-in Credentials

When purchasing a subscription, keep in mind that the username and password fields do not recognize special characters (i.e., @, #, &, %). To avoid potential problems it is recommended that only A-Z, 0-9, dash, and underline be used. If you inadvertently set your password with a special character, you will not be allowed access. If that’s the case, please contact whcustomerservice@PCSpublink.com with your existing username and password so we can reset them.

Using the Restore Function

The Restore function is an apple feature that restores your purchases. If you fail to register and don’t have log-in credentials, the Restore function will search your Apple/Android ID and authenticate any purchases made through that ID. The Restore button will display whenever you are prompted to log-in.

Can I sample an issue?

Yes. Once you have downloaded the app, the January 2011 issue is currently FREE to download to your iPad.

Can I view Western Horseman on non-Apple devices?

Yes, if you purchase a tablet subscription through our website, but not if you purchase through iTunes. If you purchase in iTunes, you will only have access with Apple devices, such as iPad and iPhone. 

Will the subscription work with other mobile devices and my Desktop?

Yes. The login credentials for your tablet subscription will also allow you to view the issues you have purchased on other mobile devices (that have your account) and on your desktop computer.

What’s the best way to view each issue?

For the fastest and most user friendly reading experience, you should download an issue directly to your mobile device.  You also want to download or view while connected to a wireless signal which is typically faster than a 3G or 4G connection.

Downloading and Auto-Lock

To ensure that your download of a given issue is not disrupted by the device’s sleep function, turn-off your iPad’s Auto Lock during download. To turn off Auto Lock, go into Settings, then tap General. Tap Auto Lock, and select Never. Be sure to turn Auto-Lock back on when your download is complete. And always download over wireless rather than 3G.

How do I bookmark articles or "Add Favorites"? 

You can add favorite articles to an archive by tapping the upper right hand corner of any article. Tag the story with any additional information in the pop-up window, and then find them all in the My Favorites section of the Menu button at the bottom of any page.

How do I close and restart the app?

Closing and restarting the app will sometimes solve problems you may be encountering. To close, double click on the home button. All open apps will appear at the bottom of the screen. Hold your finger on any one of them until they all begin to wobble, indicating that they are now active. Tap the minus sign (-) on the app icon, and that app will close. Click the home button again to deactivate all open issues. Reopen your app by tapping it on the home screen.

Where can I get customer support?

A customer support contact form is available for subscriptions purchased from our website. You can access it here: Western Horseman Digital Edition Technical Support. As far as we know, Apple does not offer customer support for purchases made through iTunes. The form is very user friendly. It is designed to get specific details about the problem you are reporting by asking you a series of questions. Just fill out the information as prompted and submit it. You will be contacted as soon as your report is received and processed.

Can I get digital access with my Print Subscription?

We are unable to offer free digital with print since the digital version has gone into iTunes and behind a login window. In the future, we hope to be able to offer a menu of options that include print only, digital only, and print plus digital, each option for sale at its own rate.

Can I switch my print subscription to digital?

There currently is not a way to switch and have remaining print copies served digitally. However, you can cancel your print subscription and receive a refund for any remaining issues on your subscription and then start a new (one-year) subscription digitally. To do this, either call customer support at 1-800-877-5278 or email whcustomerservice@PCSpublink.com with your cancellation request, and then follow the normal subscription steps for digital.