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He stands there glowing like flames in the dark,
Yet it’s the brightest day of the year

He knows he’s great
He knows he’s famous,
And I know his mind is clear,

For he is a stallion of greatness and beauty,
And it’s just as if he can say,

“try and ride me you mighty fools and make
The catch of the day,
I’ve fought off things bigger than you,
For touching me you’ll pay”,

Now, I know he’s a mighty horse,
But I think it’s worth a try,
No, I’m not scared of those deadly quick hooves,
Or that red gleam look in his eye,

I think it’s time that horse comes around,
And I’m gonna bring him back to his senses,
Nobody knows how that horse got loose,
But he must have broke a few fences,

Now here I am
A-layin’ in the grass,
Waitin’ for the wind to die down,

Now! Here’s my chance,
I jump onto his back and dig my spurs in his side,
Then, quick, all of a sudden,
I’m in for the worst death ride,

I grab ahold of his mane and hold on with my might,
And I’ve got to say,
It was a pretty good fight,

Then all of a sudden he looks around,
And I was pretty sure I was goin’ down,

And sure enough, he quickly shakes me,
I tumble off down his side,
Then he made sure that it was my very last death ride.

Keicia B
Age 14

Not My Horse

You can take away my toy box;
You can take away my house by force;
But please don’t take away my loveable horse.

I can do without my toys;
I can do without my dog;
But I can’t do without my horse that eats like a hog.

I can live without my bed;
I can live without the mall;
But I can’t live without my horse, because she’s such a doll.

Larisa B,
Age 10

What Rodeo Means To Me

Rodeo means different things
To different people,
But it means special things to me.

Rodeo means American Pride, seeing the
Stars and stripes in the grand entry.
And showing your respect to our country,
While the national anthem is sung.

Rodeo means a moment of worship,
Everyone bowing his or her head
For a prayer.
And praying for an injured cowboy,
When his ride take a turn for the worse.

Rodeo means finding just the right horse,
And working long hours to train him.

Rodeo means the Justin Cowboy Crisis fund,
And helping other cowboys and cowgirls

Rodeo means early mornings
And late nights,
Even when your tired.

Rodeo means responsibility,
And taking care of your horse
In all kinds of weather.

Rodeo means doing your best,
And having a gold-buckle dream!

Rodeo means singin every Chris LeDoux song
On the way to and from a rodeo.

Rodeo means headin down the road with
Your rodeo
Gear, hopin to make the finals in just a few years.

Rodeo means singin Bareback Jack,
And knowing
Exactly what he means, and how he feels.

Rodeo means eatin dirt and dust, and
Loving it!
Rodeo means paying big bucks to get 8 or 20 seconds
Or glory, excitement, and being addicted
To the natural high.

Rodeo means helping other cowboys and cowgirls
On there runs or rides, and when their run
Isn’t as good as it could be, cheering
Them up how ever you can.

Rodeo means the sound of the shoots flying open as the 8 second Ride begins

Rodeo means having boots, chaps buckles, wranglers and a hat in Your closet

Rodeo means seeing the thunder in the riders heart and lightning in The bull’s eyes

Rodeo means stepping in bull or horse crap and being proud of it

Rodeo means laying on the arena floor, after u’ve fallen off a bull, Looking up and sayin “God you helped me on this ride help the other Riders stay safe

Rodeo means caring for and loving all cowboys and cowgirls rodeoin With you

Rodeo means hookin up the trailer, loadin the horses, gettin in the Truck and goin to the rodeo

Rodeo means being proud to be an American and not being afraid to Yell “I’m in the rodeo and proud of it”

That’s what rodeo means to me!

Jennifer W
Age 12

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