Quick Knot

This easy knot safely and securely ties your horse in the trailer.

The October 2004 issue of Western Horseman offered tips for trailer-loading from professional brother-and-sister training team Tom and Margo Ball. Here's an easy way to tie your horse once he's inside the trailer. You horse won't be able to untie himself, but you can quickly release the knot in an emergency. Make sure to tie the rope to a secure post or ring high above your horse's head so that he doesn't step on it.

  • Start by feeding the loose end of your horse's lead rope through the trailer's hitching ring.

  • Take a section of the loose rope and fold it with your right hand..
  • Wrap the fold under the hitching ring and around two rope pieces. Then pull the fold up through the middle of your newly formed loop. Pull the fold to tighten the knot..

  • Continue to loop the remaining rope up through the folded section until little of the rope is hanging down.
  • To release, pull the rope down from the center and unwrap it from the hitching ring.