Treasure State Quarter Horses

September 18, 2010 • Great Falls, Montana

  Behind the Sale: Todd and Una Ford, along with Ted and Barb Crowley, own Treasure State Quarter Horses, located 30 miles south of Chinook, Montana. This year marks their 15th annual sale with Weaver Quarter Horses. “We’re a traditional outfit with modern day breeding,” says Todd. “We ride our own bloodlines, break our own colts, and do all aspects of our ranch work on horseback. We foal out on grass and our foals learn to travel the hills next to their mothers from the time they’re born until they’re weaned in the fall.”

  Best known for: Ranch-raised colts and speed and performance bloodlines. The ranch stands three proven stallions: Perks Status Symbol, by Dash For Perks; PC Mr Sun Peppy, by Sun Frost; and Paddys Shota Merada by Paddys Irish Whiskey. “True to our breeding program, our stallions and mares have a blend of proven cow horse and performance Quarter Horse bloodlines. Our bloodlines are a combination of today’s best speed and cow-bred pedigrees with a high percentage of our broodmares either being proven themselves or proven producers,” Todd says.

  Expect to see: Select weanlings, yearlings, broodmares, and some saddle horses. “Our Paddys Shota Merada colts are versatile, all-around horses with outstanding dispositions, and Perks Status Symbol and Mr Sun Peppy are also great performance sires,” Todd says.

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