Fisher Ranch 15th Annual Production Sale

September 11, 2010 • Eufaula, Oklahoma

  When buyers come to the Fisher Ranch annual production sale, they know they’ll be seeing a consistent colt crop.   

  “There’s no higher concentration of Oklahoma Star and Bert bloodlines anywhere in the United States,” says Roy Fisher. “We’ve been breeding both of these bloodlines for the past 70 years. We started this breeding program with a group of eight Bert daughters, and one of them Trixie Blake P1326 was the first Quarter Horse mare in the breed to produce three AQHA champions. Seventy percent of the mares on the ranch go back to Trixie Blake.”

  Fisher Ranch runs about 1,500 cows over more than 25,000 acres. Fisher Ranch horses today are ridden by some of the top professional world champion cowboys and cowgirls in the nation. That level of quality, along with solid consistency in disposition, athletic ability and bone structure, brings people to the Fisher Ranch sale, and makes others comfortable enough to buy over the phone. They know exactly what to expect from the ranch’s foal crop.

  “There’s not a 10 percent variation in these colts from one end to the other,” says Fisher. “Buyers come to the sale because they’ve had our horses or know people that have had our horses, and they come here knowing they are going to get the same quality.”

  The one-day sale draws some 800 to 1,000 people each year, and buyers will have a chance to bid on some 70 ranch-raised weanlings and 25 to 30 broke horses.

  For more information: Log on to for an on-line catalog, or call (918) 689-2343.

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