Off the Grid

Waddie MitchellUsing alternative energy sources, cowboy poet Waddie Mitchell and his wife, Lisa, have created a self-sustaining lodge in tune with Nevada's high-desert ranchland.

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Towing Rattlesnakes

Baxter BlackThis month, Baxter shares the story of the "Junction City Rattlesnake Ride," in which an unexpected passenger complicates a simple towing job for a husband and wife.

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Californio Custom


A trio of custom trophy saddles ups the ante at the 10th annual Californios Ranch Roping & Stock Horse Contest. Get an exclusive look at the coveted awards and meet the saddle artists who created them.

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Mule Business

Baxter Black, DVMThere is a recurring condition in the life of the cowboy when bravado, belligerence and bent judgment overcomes the normal human self-protective instinct.

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Against the Grain

BitSettlers built the West with ingenuity, resourcefulness and self-reliance. Acclaimed bit and spur maker Mark Dahl applied the same values

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Ground-Beef Eaters

ImageRanchers have survived on red meat for centuries. Make a hearty beef dish for dinner tonight with these recipes.

I’d bet the ranch that Americans eat more hamburger than any other country in the world. During the 50 years Mack and I lived on a ranch, we butchered our own beef and pork, and processed the meat for the freezer. When making hamburger, we used an old hand-powered grinder that made the job slow and hard.

One wonderful day, I purchased a commercial-size electric meat grinder from a restaurant supply firm in California. The equipment enabled me to freeze dozens of packages of hamburger, along with our steaks and roasts.

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