Ask Our Expert - Tom Curtin

Trainer and clinician Tom Curtin of Madison, Florida, hosts clinics and camps all over the country. His goal is to share his knowledge of horses, teaching what he’s learned from legendary horsemen, such as Ray Hunt and Buster Welch. His years of experience working on notable ranches, including the Four Sixes, King Ranch, Johnson Ranch and the 7D Ranch, have given him expertise in cow work, colt starting, horsemanship and ranch work.

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Gambling on the Future

With racehorse welfare making national headlines, the horse industry is being scrutinized for putting money before the well-being of young animals. Racetrack injuries and deaths may have sparked mainstream interest in the issue, but high-stakes stock horse futurities beg the same question: ARE YOUNG HORSES PUSHED TOO HARD, TOO SOON?

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Ask Our Expert - Craig Cameron

 Craig CameronCraig Cameron is known as the “cowboy’s clinician.” He travels the country, presenting clinics and sharing his philosophy on training and riding horses. Cameron also hosts clinics at his ranches in Bluff Dale, Texas, and Lincoln, New Mexico. His goal is for riders to build a relationship of trust and confidence with their horses.

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Ask Our Expert - Chance O'Neal

Chance O'Neal

As head trainer for the Four Sixes Ranch in Guthrie, Texas, Chance O’Neal starts colts and trains the ranch’s top prospects for competition. He also shows Four Sixes horses in cow horse and ranch versatility events.

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Eight Known Genetic Diseases

This online article is a supplement to “Conscious and Cautious Breeding,” a health column that appeared in the August 2009 issue of Western Horseman. Chart by Melissa Cassutt • Photograph by Sebastian Gerhard There are many genetic equine diseases currently being studied. The chart below details the symptoms of each of these documented diseases and the associated breeds.

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Ride Smarter with Craig Cameron

Ride Smarter with Craig CameronIn the new Western Horseman book, Ride Smarter: On to the Next Level of Horsemanship, popular horseman, clinician and 2010 Road to the Horse Champion Craig Cameron helps readers learn to see things from a horse’s perspective.

Cameron builds on the topics introduced in his 2004 book, Ride Smart, and offers advice on a variety of topics, including horse selection, bit choices, disciplining a horse, cross-training between arena and trail, using patterns and obstacles to advance your horse and your horsemanship, traveling with your horse, and problem solving. Each chapter includes “Here’s How,” simple and practical training tips; and “True Story,” a personal anecdote about a memorable experience.

In this “Here’s How” from Chapter 8, “The Use of Cues,” Cameron talks about the importance of learning to use spurs correctly.

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