Riding Among Giants

ImageSince 1941, the Burk family has been moving cattle from their ranch in Squaw Valley, California, to their summer range in the Sequoia National Forest, an area that includes some of America’s oldest and largest trees. Last spring, I got to go along for the ride.

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A Horseman Named Haythorn

With a deep respect for Western traditions and cowboy values, Craig Haythorn runs a historic ranch, breeds top cow horses, wins in the arena—and has earned the 2008 Western Horseman Award.


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Ahead of the Storm

Guests ride in search of horses and cattle on Northeastern Nevada's vast Cottonwood Ranch, where even a downpour can't dampen the cowboy spirit.

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Snow Colts

ImageA big hill and deep snow provide the ideal training ground for young horses on the Van Norman Ranch in Northern Nevada.

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Building the Camas Creek Cavvy

ImageCharged with supplying horses for one of the largest cattle operations in Idaho, cow boss Monte Funkhouser taps into top performance horse bloodlines.

Dust and cattle swirl around a young sorrel colt working hard in the branding corrals. It’s late afternoon in July, and it’s hot.

Monte Funkhouser eases the 2-year-old into the herd, tosses his loop around a hefty solid-black calf, dallies and turns toward the middle of the pen. As the young horse lugs forward in a straight line, one of Funkhouser’s cowboys slips behind and heels the calf. In an instant, the calf is stretched out on its side, and the ground crew swarms around it...

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