Down Sonora Way

Two Northern Mexico ranchos reflect the area's rich vaquero heritage while infusing legendary American bloodlines into their horse breeding programs.

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Cowboy Grill

Tom Perini, proprietor of Perini Ranch Steakhouse in Buffalo Gap, Texas, considers himself a chuckwagon cook, not a chef. He learned his trade while preparing meals on the wagon for ranch cowboys-a tradition he strives to preserve through his educational chuck-wagon cooking seminars, Texas Cowboy Cooking cookbook and the preparation methods at his restaurants. Although Perini has several signature dishes, some featured in his cookbook Texas Cowboy Cooking, he's known for cooking one of the best steaks in Texas.

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"Red Wolverton"

The cast and crew take their places on the set of the 2004 film The Alamo. In the upcoming scene, set in 1836 San Antonio, the Mexican army is about to storm the town, and panicked residents will flee across a bridge to the safety of a walled mission - the Alamo itself.


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Killer Consequences

Now that horses can no longer be slaughtered for human consumption in the U.S., the horse industry is feeling the effects: experts point to a drop in the market, welfare groups are finding homes for more unwanted horses, but thousands more are heading for slaughter plants across the border.








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