Manuscript Submission


Please use default Microsoft Word settings for all document formatting. Refrain from sending files that contain any custom formatting, including adjusted tabs or margins, headers, footers, page numbers, photographs or text boxes. When beginning a manuscript, simply open a new Microsoft Word document, select a font, and begin typing. Additional formatting shouldn't be necessary, and could slow our production process as the text is edited and prepared for design.

Please include a working title for your manuscript, as well as a one-sentence "deck" or subhead that sums up the gist of the story. Refer to any Western Horseman feature article for an example.

Manuscripts should be broken into sections, with subheadings, for greater readability. Sections should be roughly equal in length.

Brand names should be excluded from manuscripts.

Make every effort to work with sources to fact-check your manuscript.

Plan on keeping an electronic backup copy indefinitely.

Include with your manuscript your name, address, daytime telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and Social Security number, which is needed for tax documentation. Contributors should submit manuscripts via e-mail, as Microsoft Word attachments. It’s not necessary to send a hard copy of the manuscript.

Be aware that all freelance submissions will be edited. Western Horseman reserves the right to edit as needed to ensure clarity and adherence to style and space guidelines.

Writers might be contacted during the editing process to provide clarifications or additional information, and might be required to conduct follow-up interviews with sources.

Contributors should refer to the most current edition of the AP Stylebook for usage/style guidelines. The Elements of Style is also a useful reference to settle questions about word usage and sentence construction. Western Horseman uses the most current edition of Webster's New World College Dictionary.