Going to Glacier

Glacier National Park offers unforgettable horseback adventures in northwestern Montana.

I first explored Glacier National Park 25 years ago. Our last night, as the campfire burned low and owls called to one another, I knew I'd be back. That kind of land grabs you and never really lets go. For those who love solitude and long to see wild country, Glacier in northwestern Montana is truly the jewel in the continent's crown.

Visiting most places worth going to on this planet requires considerable planning, and Glacier's no exception. Here, I'll describe the park's special qualities and pass along some tips I picked up when getting ready for my most recent visit. I'll also share some firsthand info I gleaned while on the trip. All this will give you a head start on planning your own excursion into this spectacular country.

For more of this story, see the June 2006 issue of Western Horseman.