Corn Fed

ImageA staple on most family farms and ranches, corn adds substance to most any dish or meal.
As a young girl growing up on a farm in Oklahoma, I ate cornbread made by my mother several times a week. I thought Mother’s cornbread was the best in the world, served warm with fresh-churned butter. I remember Dad crumbling cold cornbread into a bowl of milk and eating it as a snack.
When I married my husband, Mack, and moved to a ranch in Arizona, I planted a large garden that included corn. I spaced the sowing about every 10 days, so we usually had corn on the cob for a month or more. I also canned all the corn I could for winter.

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Marketing the King Ranch Brand

ImageLong known for its world-class stock horses and beef cattle, this historic American ranch has extended its iconic brand far beyond the fence line of the Lone Star State's largest outfit.

IN A CHICAGO HIGH-RISE, A DELIVERYMAN PUSHES A BRAND-NEW CHESTERFIELD LOVESEAT into place in front of a spacious, floor-to-ceiling window overlooking Lake Michigan. On a windswept Florida fairway, a groundskeeper meticulously inspects a load of turf grass about to be installed on a putting green designed by one of golf's greatest names. In the stop-and-go chaos of noonday Dallas traffic, a pickup accelerates around a slow-moving semi. In the Vermont woods, a wing shot shoulders a shotgun, blasting a sporting clay to smithereens.

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The Christmas Card Compromise

ImageI’ve all but given up sending Christmas cards. I order them, and even go as far as hand-addressing each envelope. My major hold up is filling out the inside. As a writer, I obsess on coming up with a personalized sentiment to include in each card. I should just sign the cards and complete the task, but I can’t help but feel as though that cheats my friends and family out of what they really want when they open the envelope. I could create a form letter, but who wants to receive another impersonal, sappy stream of self-absorbed drivel? Furthermore, I just don’t have that much to write!


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