4 Ways to Display Vintage Valentines

ImagePart of the appeal of collecting valentines is to display them. Longtime Valentine collector and author Katherine Kreider offers the following display ideas:

• Place the Valentine on a pretty piece of fabric or lace and frame it. If it’s a valuable Valentine, be sure to have it framed using archival, acid-free materials and protective UV glass.

• Transfer images onto paper to make cards and stationary, or fabric to make purses, clothing and home accessories.

• Decoupage cards onto wood, dishes, tin containers, lampshades, photo frames, etc.

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Rieman on Rawhide

ImageBraiding in the Bill Dorrance tradition, Montana horseman and artisan Randy Rieman discusses the beauty and functionality of rawhide gear, and tells you what to look for in quality craftsmanship. With tunes from Benny Goodman, Don Edwards and the Quebe Sisters Band set on rotation in the CD player and a cup of tea in hand, Randy Rieman takes to the modest garage of his Dillon, Montana, ranch.

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Only In America

ImageHorsewright Clothing and Tack Company owners Dave and Nichole Ferry design working cowboy gear while ranching in California's Tehachapi Mountains.  Their traditional tack has inspired a movement to recognize the men and women serving in the armed forces. 

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A Toast To The Coast

Active ImageWhat if you could ride through the rolling hills of California’s scenic wine country, spending a week tasting first-class wines and relaxing at a cozy lodge? Here’s a first-person account of a horseback vacation that may just be the time of your life.

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