La Pialada

Pablo LazanoAt an Argentine ranch roping, the author reconnects with the gaucho life he once lived and reflects on gaucho gear and techniques.






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Trail-Course Tips

ImageAvid ranch-horse-versatility competitor Jimbo Humphreys (featured in March's "Returning to the Ranch" story) routinely teaches trail-course clinics at Stock Horse of Texas Association events. He's a top competitor in the open division in both SHOT and the American Quarter Horse Association. And he believes many competitors make the trail course more difficult by failing to prepare mentally for the class.

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Big Sky Vaqueros

ImageThis Montana-based organization brings together working cowboys and weekend ropers in friendly competitions, while celebrating the ways of the early California vaquero.

It is almost dark by the time I reach Bozeman, Montana. While reading the directions I had scribbled on a small piece of paper, I navigate through an upscale neighborhood on the edge of town. After one last turn, I try to read the street numbers in the dim light. Looking ahead, I see dark silhouettes in cowboy hats roping a dummy right in the middle of the street.

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Adjusting to the Costs of Competition


These are some of my rodeo friends. Sharing horses and traveling expenses have enabled us to continue to compete during this tough economic time.

Young horsemen rise to the occasion to keep doing what they love.

Horse trailer is hooked up, horses are loaded and you and the family are ready to go to an equine event. You fuel up your truck, putting at least $70 worth of gasoline or diesel in the tank, each gallon costing at least $3.90. Three-hundred miles down the road, your fuel gauge shows you’re tank is almost empty. Your finances are already being drained, and you haven’t even arrived at the event, where you’ll spend more money on entry fees, food and lodging, and stalls for your horses.


High fuel prices and a strained economy are drastically changing the horse world, making it more difficult than ever for horse people to afford to compete. But there are ways to adjust to the rising costs of the competitive horse world...

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