Driving Mr. Jinglebob

130628 kerr 328This was a fun photo shoot. Our managing editor, Susan Morrison, was writing an article about the ingenuitive Bobby Kerr, a fan favorite at Extreme Mustang Makeover competitions. For his routines, Kerr has built many creative props and trained his Mustangs to jump over cars, chase electronic calves, and ride in the back of his vintage International pickup. For this shoot, we found a remote road near Kerr's home in Hico, Texas. While he and Jinglebob rolled down the gravel road, Susan drove her pickup in front while I lay in the bed, tailgate down, to get this shot. The story appeared in the September 2013 issue of Western Horseman.

In Search Of Wild Horses

New Mexico's high desert is an unforgiving land, one of climatic extremes, sparse water and dry forage. But to the bands of wild horses lurking within the juniper, sagebrush and pines, it's a place of freedom and peace.

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