Light Chasers

Light Chasers at Greenwood Ranches

by Katie Frank

Mornings aren’t really my thing. It takes several cups of coffee to get me rolling that early, plus another shot of espresso if brainpower and conversation are required. But when the alarm clock goes off, I do my best to not complain, knowing I’m lucky to witness beautiful land and horses in the fresh light of a new day.

My Kind of Traffic Jam

My Kind of Traffic Jam

by Jennifer Denison

A traffic jam of horse-drawn carriages was an unexpected, yet welcome, surprise.



by Ross Hecox

Breaking down on the road is always a bummer. A few weeks ago I was hauling my mare to a clinic in Wyoming and had arranged to make a stop near Cimarron, New Mexico, at the CS Ranch. The Davis family, who own and operate the CS, graciously agreed to keep my mare for a couple of days while I took some time off to be with family, who were vacationing in nearby Red River. Afterward, my plan was to press on to Wyoming.

Soak Time

Soak TIme

by Christine Hamilton

Just after dawn last Tuesday, at a horse farm near Newell, South Dakota, I stood looking at a big bay Thoroughbred gelding standing tied to a tree next to a wood barn. He stood still while his eyelids drifted half-closed, although he didn’t cock a hind leg.

Take Cover!

A dark sky can be a dramatic backdrop for photographs, but hail is hard on horses, people and rental cars.