Golden Hour

To this day I have never seen light like this. I was on the CS Ranch in 2007To this day I have never seen light like this. I was on the CS Ranch in 2007, and it had been a frustrating day for a photographer. Many times, despite the best laid plans, the right scenes don't come together. A summer thunderstorm hit late in the afternoon, providing much-needed rain and, surprisingly, giving me some interesting scenes to photograph. Later that evening, while sitting at dinner with the Davis family, the clouds slid to the east, just as the sun was setting. It created a bolt of golden light that made the plains near Cimarron, New Mexico, glow like the landscape of another planet. It was truly a gift from above. In seconds I was out the door, camera in hand and running out to the horse pasture. I guess that explains why these ranch geldings have placed their full attention on the heavy breathing photographer crouching in the grass and mashing his shutter button like a machine gun.

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Moving the Remuda

120603 bellranch 398a
Brady Clark helps bring in the Bell Ranch remuda during branding season in New Mexico.



by Ross Hecox

Breaking down on the road is always a bummer. A few weeks ago I was hauling my mare to a clinic in Wyoming and had arranged to make a stop near Cimarron, New Mexico, at the CS Ranch. The Davis family, who own and operate the CS, graciously agreed to keep my mare for a couple of days while I took some time off to be with family, who were vacationing in nearby Red River. Afterward, my plan was to press on to Wyoming.