"My Baby, The Bull"

"YOU'VE GOT a what?" I asked incredulously, as I sat visiting with Ike Sankey in Cody, Wyoming. "I've got a mare raising a calf," Ike repeated.

Ben-Hur (1959)

It took 70 trained horses to fill the cast of the epic American motion picture starring Charlton Heston in 1959. 


One of the most famous, and feared, bucking bulls of all time.

Buster Welch: All-Around Success

In the cutting horse world, the name Buster Welch rings synonymous with ability, ambition, personality, and – most of all – success. 

Can You Read Brands?

STOP SNORTIN' and fussin' and sayin': "Why, shore I can read brands! Ain't I been born and raised on a ranch and ain't I been handlin' critters all my life?"

Carrot Stories

A humorous tale from a vet about feeding horses this popular treat. 

Charlie Russell

The Old West lives on through the paintings, illustrations and sculptures of legendary artist Charlie Russell.

Clabber – The Great Quarter Horse

Known as the "Iron Horse," Clabber not only passed along his speed and durability to his offspring but his true grit and competitive spirit.

Dash For Cash

This revolutionary Quarter Horse was just as phenomenal on the track as he was a sire.

Easy Jet

The story of Easy Jet's blazing career and his lifelong bond with owner Walter Merrick.

Filming The Horse Whisperer

With Robert Redford, Buck Brannaman, and Rex Peterson in charge, this could be one of the best horse movies ever made.