Expressing the Rural West into the Future

An exhibit at the Western Folklife Center in Elko, Nevada, showcases the craftmanship of artisans under 40 years old. Here is a sampling of the featured gear and accessories.

The Bedroll Cowboy

According to J. Evetts Haley, author of the book Charles Goodnight: Cowman and Plainsman, among Charles Goodnight’s contribution to trail equipment was not only the chuckbox, but also the discovery and modification of the bed tarp, which became the cowboy bedroll as we know it today.

The Cowboy's Badge of Courage

Against the elements, pile-driving buckers, rough range country and wild cow cattle, courage was an earmark of the cowboy's trade. 

Western Horseman Cowboy Apparel Guide

Whether you work all day on a ranch or simply enjoy trail riding, wearing proper attire can ensure you are safe and comfortable. Download the Western Horseman Apparel Guide for free to view a curated collection of stylish and functional apparel and accessories for horse people, all from notable Western lifestyle compnanies.