Ah, Grasshopper

130628 wagonwheel 403Working on a story about the Wagon Wheel Ranch in Lometa, Texas, I had four chances to photograph mares and foals being moved through a pasture by the ranch's cowboys. It wasn't until the fourth try that I got an image I liked. However, the strange, dark spot on the foal's shoulder bugged me for a few days. Then I realized it was shadow of a flying grasshopper, visible above the young horse's hindquarters. I kinda like the shadow now.

Greener Grasses

140527 mahan 160Larry Mahan rides through a band of his broodmares near Bowie, Texas. The ProRodeo Hall of Fame cowboy has kept busy since retiring from riding roughstock. He trains and shows cutting horses, team ropes and makes appearances at various Western and charitable events. However, it's clear that checking on his mares and raising foals is another one of his favorite activities. Larry was presented the Western Horseman Award in 2014, and article about his life appeared in the August 2014 issue of Western Horseman.



Growing Your Own

Watching my mares’ fuzzy foals has reversed my opinion on raising my own horses.

Morning Gathers

Terry Forst describes the advantages of gathering broodmares from the saddle  during breeding and foaling season.