June Editor's Choice

Here are two products hand-selected by our editors.

Gate Bird

A new, radio-operated device makes opening your security gate for visitors easy, no matter where on the ranch you’re located.

Gate Bird long-range gate operators give property owners the ability to open their gates from a distance of up to a mile. Using a handheld radio transceiver, you can trigger the gate to open and close. Gate Bird talks back, sending distinct sounds informing the sender that the gate is opening and closing. It also signals if the gate stops midway, in case something happens to obstruct the gate’s swinging action.

Gate Bird technology can complement existing operating systems, or the company can provide everything needed for installing a new system. Gate Bird offers a variety of devices, including Gate Trigger, Gate Bell, a solar powered driveway alert probe and a postal alert.

For more information, contact Brook Prudent at (208) 410-7156, or visit gatebird.com.



The "Right" Riding Jeans

I’d rather clean week-old stalls than shop for a new pair of jeans. By the time I settle on “my” brand, style and size, it’s been replaced by a rack full of new prospects. I was somewhat reluctant to think that Wrangler’s new Ultimate Riding Jeans would be a “fit,” especially since I didn’t have the benefit of going to a store to try them on.

Sure, it intrigued me to know they had been designed with the help of women Quarter Horse riders, but a little time in the saddle would give me the answers I needed.

I put Wrangler’s Q-Baby and Cash styles to the test in a rather unconventional riding setting—the Midland County Police Mounted Patrol School. What better proving ground than a 40-hour clinic designed to prepare horse and rider for the unexpected? After four days of extreme obstacles, mounted defensive tactics, and in-the-field man-tracking exercises with the Texas Department of Corrections, I was comfortably pleased with these W-emblazoned britches.

The no-gap waistband kept my jeans well seated and prevented any chafing that could have occurred during my long days spent in the saddle. The flexible knee also came in handy, especially during our recreational games of polo and horseback football. And though Wrangler’s all-cotton Cash jean was a ready participant in my experience, I lean more toward the retro styling of the Q-Baby. These jeans have just the right amount of flex and flare.

My only fear now is that Wrangler will replace these styles before I have the chance to buy more.

For more information, visit wrangler.com.