Cameron's Cowboy Way

Clinician Craig Cameron's only dream was to be a cowboy, but along the way he's gathered a loyal following and branded his own horsemanship style.

A persistent, self-taught horseman, Cameron is dedicated to improving relationships between horses and humans. In an ever-expanding round pen of clinicians, Cameron's rough-and-rowdy persona, energetic, zany mannerisms, and easy-to-memorize metaphors and cowboy logic shine. He offers his own brand of humble cowboy horsemanship and seasons it with humor and entertainment.

Cameron's knowledge didn't evolve instantly. It's taken him a lifetime of experimentation and working with horses, often taking unconventional approaches, to realize that the most effective training methods come from understanding a horse's perspective. A self-proclaimed student, Cameron says he still hasn't learned everything, but aims to do so with the point-blank precision of a Wild West outlaw. The complete story can be found in the February, 2005 edition of Western Horseman.