Mechanical Requirements

  1. Covers and inside pages are printed on high-speed, web-fed, offset presses. Magazine is perfect bound and jogs to the foot.
  2. Final trim size of magazine is 8" by 103^ 4 ". Non-bleed pages are 3 columns wide (7") by 10" deep. Bleed page size, including trim, is 81^ 4 " by 11". Spread bleed dimensions, including trim, are 161^ 2 " by 11". All pages can be bled all around with 1^8 " trim both sides, top, and bottom. In all bleed pages, type and pictorial matter to be retained should be kept within 7" width, 10" depth. Bleed available on third-page or larger units only.
  3. Ads less than 10 inches deep are actually 1^8 " shy of specified ad size. Example: a 5" ad measures 47^ 8 " deep. This space allows room for a separator rule between ads.
  4. For covers and inside pages, SWOP (Specifications Web Offset Publications) standards apply.Total density of shadow areas should not exceed 280% for four-color ads. Undercolor removal necessary for color match.
  5. Digital Requirements: Applications accepted: Quark XPress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and PDF/Acrobat 4 (ver. 1.3) files that can be opened in Illustrator or Photoshop. Media accepted: Mac or PC formatted CD-Roms or 100 MB Zip disks. Files under 4 MB may be e-mailed to FTP file transfers are available for larger files. Media labeling requirements: Issue date, advertiser, contact person, return address, phone number, file name, and list of contents. All graphics must be in TIFF or EPS format. All images must be at least 300 DPI. All colors should be assigned a CMYK value. Files with multiple pages should be created as a single layout file.All fonts need to be included and placed in a separate folder. Include both screen and printer fonts.When using Illustrator, create outlines for all text. Hardcopy proof is required for all ads, including those submitted via e-mail or FTP. Color proof printed to SWOP specifications required for all full-page color ads. Cost of creating a missing color proof will be billed to the advertiser. Disks will be returned after final output has been approved. Western Horseman will not be responsible for any loss of data or damage to media.
  6. When proofing, use paper similar to publication paper: covers, 80-lb. Mead Escanaba (premium coated); inside, 40-lb.Weyerhaeuser Choctaw (publication machine coated).
  7. Excessive cost incurred in repairing original art or copy damaged in transit will be charged to the advertiser at cost.