Tack Salesmanship

In the August 2004 print feature "Bust Barn Clutter," you gleaned tips to consolidate your barn belongings and keep your facility safe and efficient.

"I found one easy way to get rid of barn clutter. I sold it!" says WH's book editor Kathy Swan. Swan sifted through years of stuff she'd collected, seriously considering whether she'd use it. She sold what she didn't want at a tack swap.

Here are pointers for maximizing your tack-swap sales.

  • Create effective displays. Display gear on folding tables, so people can easily reach and inspect the items. Hang bridles, blankets, saddle pads, halter, etc., on wardrobe bars. Group similar items, making it easy for buyers to see what you have for sale.
  • Price and compare. To decide on prices, check out the cost of similar new items in mail-order catalogs or on the Internet. Then slash your prices based on an item's condition, perceived value and vogue, making it appealing to buyers.
  • Tag each item. Price your goods with bright neon-colored sales stickers and hanging tags (available at office-supply and discount-department stores). Make sure each item is clearly marked, so customers don't have to ask for prices.
  • Be willing to barter. If someone politely asks you for your best price on an item, or offers you a reasonable price, take it, especially if the person buys multiple items. You might not get that kind of deal again, and that's one less thing you have to tote home.