Hurricane Harvey Aftermath

One Texas rancher laments the region-wide loss of a ranching icon wiped out by Hurricane Harvey—the windmill.

Video project by Abigail Boatwright and Christine Hamilton
February 13, 2018

JamesOBrien opener 

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey’s landfall on August 25, 2017, ranchers in Refugio County, Texas, were quick to regroup, helping neighbors and rescuing stock. With windmills down for miles across the region, many ranchers faced an immediate need to get drinkable water to livestock.

It would be weeks before they realized that those windmills would not return. It’s a small thing in the grand scheme of everything Hurricane Harvey affected; yet, at the same time, not so small.

Listen to James O’Brien, a rancher near Beeville, Texas, tell Western Horseman why.


Head to the March 2018 issue of Western Horseman and read "Weathering the Storm," by Abigail Boatwright, to get the full story of how ranching families in Refugio County faced Hurricane Harvey.

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