Other Projects

Artists represented by galleries may submit vertically formatted artwork (or artwork that can be cropped vertically) for cover consideration. Published photographers may submit vertical images for consideration. Cover candidates must have adequate open space on the left and top of the image to accommodate cover text and the Western Horseman logo.

Inside Photography
All photography must relate directly to the content of a feature or column being published. Western Horseman rarely uses stock photography.

Western Horseman receives dozens of poems every month, but can publish no more than 12 per year. More than 95 percent of poetry submissions are returned simply because of a lack of space.

Western Horseman commissions illustrations on an as-needed basis.

The magazine staff does not handle Western Horseman books. Written proposals can be sent to Western Horseman’s office so they can be forwarded to our book division.

Calendar Photography
Calendar photographs are solicited on an invitation-only basis.